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About Spiral

Skin Clinic & Hair Transplant Center

Spiral skin clinic and hair transplant centre for cosmetic dermatology is committed in offering the most advanced cosmetic and dermatologic care treatments by the leading skin and hair specialist Dr. Mahesh Patel. All treatments and technologies are designed to help you achieve your beauty goals. You will be advised with the most appropriate and safe solutions.

Spiral Clinic offeres the patients excess to world class technology. Spiral Clinic is known for it's highest standards of results and quality care to patients. The center has successful track history of doing large number of Hair Transplant on patients from all over India.

In this center High Quality Hair Transplant with Advanced FUE Techniques is performed. This technique gives natural results with freedom from side effects.

Our Facilities

  • Our operation theaters are highly advanced and offer the patients access to the latest technology to ensures High Quality Natural Results free from side effects.
  • Special care is taken to make the Atmosphere Highly Hygienic and Inflation free before every surgery.
  • Staff also works hard to ensure optimum comfort of patients and make the procedure pain-free for them.
  • While undergoing procedure, patients can talk to doctor, listen to soothing music, watch tv & read book.

Why Choose Us

We have natural and guaranteed results...



Where FUE might seem complicated, the procedure is very affordable. We are competitively placed and can guarantee results at least prices.

Quality Transplant

Experience, highly trained team and state of art facilities and equipment provides worldclass quality and results.

Maximum Density

Density means the number of hair follicles that can be transplanted in a square centimetre of area on the scalp. A good density has to be ensured to achieve a natural and aesthetic look. But our unique expertise helps to implant more than 40 follicles per square centimetre.

7000 hairs

A skin containing healthy follicles, not affected by DHT is taken and replaced at the affected site. our reputed to replace 7000 hairs in one sitting, achieving good density in one session itself.


We have natural and guaranteed results.

Unshaven hair

Hair transplantation is done without removal of hair. The technique is harmless and can be applied to all types of hair.

Minimal Scarring

Scarring after surgery is inevitable and most people come to terms with one. But we use very small size punches in FUE to give the minimal possible scarring. Our surgeries require minimal invasion and no hospitalization. Recoveries are fast and final.

Patient Care

A health care provider to all the needs of the patient and not just physical and medical ones. The team of doctors are well-trained and professionally equipped to handle all of the patients’ needs with world class technology to support them. You will be advised with the most appropriate and safe solutions.


In our clinic, we are totally focused on our patients. We strive for perfection, recognizing the challenges that this presents. Our work is very specialized and our staff has excellent training. We are committed to operate as an efficient team to provide quality, excellent and compassionate care to all those we serve.


We will improve the lives of our patients and faculty by providing personalized, patient-centered, evidence-based medical care of the highest quality.

Our Values

Patients First
Team work

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  • It's Marvellous & nice experience including to services point of view and of course i have find the result as per my imagination & expectation. Its been awesome superb result.

    Ravi Patel

  • Can't get it better than this. is looking for hair transplant. Total personality change after transplant. Very happy with services offered even after transplant sessions.

    Kiran Shah

  • Its been awesome superb result. it will be the most appropriate and safe solutions. the procedure is very affordable. We are competitively placed and can guarantee results at least prices.

    Vishal Patel


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